Helping the Churches

Estevão has been raising funds for the Churches through of his classical guitar concert.
The proposal is offer the opportunity to contact classical guitar through a concert with songs of all the periods, create moments of fellowship and bring the audience closer to the church to do a fundraising to help The Church.
It's been a good way to help the Churches and to maintain active his performances.
The concerts has normaly a duration of two sets of 45 minutes and the Church can sell their refreshiments durin of the interval, before and afterwards.
The Churches can to sell the tickets at the door and split with Estevão (asking him for a suggest).
Download the photo and make your own flyer to put at the door (see the past concerts).
Estevão has his own PA sistem of sound and you need to ask for platform stage if you don't have. This is free.

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At Schools

Classical guitar performance for students;

✓ The history of the guitar and its historical periods, such as; Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Modern eras;

✓ Duration: 50 minutes;

Objectives and Benefits

✓ To offer an opportunity for children to see, make contact and awaken interest with the guitar:

- awaken interest in guitar;

- So that students might wish to consider playing;

- Show the pleasure of music through dedication and practice;

- The joy of performance;

- Demonstrate different styles of performing;

✓ To give life to a performance:

- “The music only dies when no one plays it”;

- “You are part of the story when you play it”;

✓ To encourage students the art of listening to live performances:

- To strengthen general musical interest;

✓ To create a pleasant atmosphere, and bring something novel to the School’s daily routine;

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